The mind behind the project

Alan was influenced in the 1980s by the exotic cultures and social mores he was exposed to during a stint with the US Navy’s Pacific fleet. He was also influenced (perhaps even more) from subsequent years spent living and playing in Athens, Ohio, as a member of the ‘Voodoo Birds’ and as a solo artist. After dropping out of the Athens’ alt-rock scene in 1995, Alan returned to northwest Ohio, where he was a founding member of the group ‘Better Than Yesterday’ that used music as ministry throughout northwest Ohio.

Alan started a solo project in 2007 called The F7 Project, and has produced music since then under that moniker. The production of these albums – started as a kind of vanity project – include a mix of styles, moods, and messages that represent the heart of his output at the moment of their creation.

Over time, the F7 project evolved to encapsulate the ethos that Alan holds close: tolerance and compassion, honesty and respect. This music is crafted to interface with and affect the environment in ways that encourage renewal of the mind, and foster wonder in the imagination.