Alan Hall’s F7 Project

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Erik Satie (1866-1925) had a concept of ‘musical furniture’ that preceded the age of the Victrola and of radio. His vision was for music to be an enveloping, responsive presence in the privacy of his own home, a space that could sing and play to him as needed.

The modern environment reflects this,  but acknowledges that music (and all media) can be and have become intrusive noise.

Music for what Surrounds You

Alan Hall’s F7 project seeks to create an atmosphere through music that does not overpower, but serves the emotional and spiritual needs of the moment. Of the scene.

The F7 project looks to make music the way furniture was made a century ago – with reverence, skill and care – but also with a sense of that piece ‘belonging’ in a way that serves a sensory and emotional need as well as a utilitarian one.

Alan Hall is classically trained as a musician and a composer; he holds a Master of Music degree from Ohio University where he studied composition, studied and taught electronic music and studio operations classes as a graduate associate. He plays trombone and bass trombone, and played ‘low man’ in the university orchestra, symphonic band, jazz ensembles, and whatever application he could find.

He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication, where he worked diligently in the radio/TV department as a broadcast host and learned to be a studio rat.

The F7 project has a mission to serve your peace of mind on two fronts:

First, to provide cue and background music that serves the scene and meets the supervisor’s or editor’s criteria for placement perfectly. Nothing less will do.

Second, to provide a product that meets the rigorous demands of a placement schedule. No worries and no problems for the person who needs the right music at the right time.

Click the link to visit Alan’s soundcloud page below to hear some of his back catalog